Oct 27th , 2017

Honda Malaysia’s New “Challenging Spirit-Themed” Merchandise Line-Up is now available!

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Petaling Jaya, 27 October 2017 – The much-anticipated Honda Malaysia new merchandise line-up is finally here! It will be made available at 88 authorised Honda dealers nationwide starting 28 October 2017. Visitors to the Honda Family Road Trip (HFRT) in AEON Mall, Kota Bahru on 27-28 October 2017 will have the privilege of purchasing the new merchandise ahead of its official release.

Embodying the ‘Challenging Spirit’ theme, the new merchandise line-up is heavily inspired by Honda’s personality which carries the value of persevering, working hard and never giving up - the very same values that have driven Honda to where it is today. Honda Malaysia is excited to share the same inspiration and values with all its customers through the new merchandise collection. 

The new merchandise line-up features The Great Wave motif, a native Japanese-inspired illustration. This design encapsulates Honda’s ‘Challenging Spirit’ DNA and is a representation of its core value in facing any challenge. 

The new collection is made contemporary, resulting in a more fashionable, edgy and fresh style collection that bears the motifs adapted from Japanese aesthetic elements that are now all-the-rage in everyday fashion. The designs are also infused with current lifestyle elements of Malaysians, making them suitable for work and leisure. 

Honda believes that the Joy of Buying is not limited to vehicles but also applies to all Honda products including merchandise in order to build and sustain strong and reliable relationship with customers. The new merchandise line-up comprises a wide range of items that are categorised into three collections with the Challenging Spirit theme. The items are priced affordably from RM25 to RM129*.

Under the Corporate Collection where the items are ideal as smart casual wear, Honda fans can look forward to men’s and ladies’ polo shirts, lightweight cap and the ever popular-racing shirt. Available in the Lifestyle Collection are men’s and ladies’ Challenging Spirit T-shirts, men’s and ladies’ bomber jackets (NEW), Challenging Spirit sweater (NEW), duffel bag, backpack, tote bag, a key ring & key pouch set, leather passport holder, shoe bag, water bottle, mini travel pouch and umbrella that are great for everyday look and use. Items such as the bomber jackets and sweater are added into the Honda merchandise line-up following feedback and request from customers. Likewise, the designs and styling have been completely refashioned, made contemporary and edgy to be items that carry bespoke quality.

Honda Malaysia has also noticed a shift in Malaysians towards a more active and outdoor lifestyle, and as such has also introduced the Active Wear Collection that will be right up the alley for them, with men’s and ladies’ active wear and lightweight waist pouch.

  • Men’s and Ladies’ Polo Shirts
  • Lightweight Cap 
  • Racing Shirt
  • Men’s and Ladies’ T-shirts (Challenging Spirit)
  • Men’s and Ladies’ Bomber Jackets
  • Sweater (Challenging Spirit)
  • Duffel Bag
  • Key Ring & Key Pouch
  • Leather Passport Holder
  • Shoe Bag
  • Backpack
  • Tote Bag
  • Water Bottle
  • Mini Travel Pouch
  • Umbrella 30 inches
  • Men’s and Ladies’ Active Wear
  • Lightweight Waist pouch

For more information on Honda Malaysia’s new merchandise line-up, customers can visit any of the participating Honda authorised dealer nationwide or call Honda’s Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020, or log onto

*Prices and items are subject to change without prior notice.

The new Challenging Spirit-themed merchandise line-up comprises a wide range of items that are categorised into three collections
(Price is subject to change without prior notice)

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