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How can I update my new mailing address?
I'm the second owner of the vehicle. How can I update the ownership profile?
Can I lodge a complaint on a vehicle issue if I'm a non-owner?
Where is your main showroom or branch that I can view all of the models?
Who should I contact regarding the tyre warranty on my Honda vehicle?
Which fuel is recommended by Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd - RON95 or RON97?
Can I refuel from a different brand of petrol or do I have to stick to the same brand of petrol?


What is Fleet Sales?
What are the documents required for purchase of vehicle under the Fleet Sales Programme?
What is PAKAR Sales?
What are the documents required for PAKAR Sales?
What is Embassy Sales?
What are the documents required for Embassy Sales?
What is Government Sales?
What are the documents required for Government Sales?
What is Parliament Sales?
What are the documents required for Parliament Sales?


How much do I need to pay for the booking fee?
How much do I need to pay for the down payment?
Will I get a refund if I decide to cancel the booking?
What is the interest rate offered for the loan?
Will I be able to get the vehicle within the same month the booking was made?
How long is the waiting period after the order has been placed?
Do you have all models shown on your website available at any of the showrooms for viewing?
Does Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd provide trade-in services?


What is the service interval for a Honda vehicle?
Can I send my vehicle for service / repair at different dealers?
Can I claim my Free Service if I fail to service my vehicle on time?
Do I have any options of choosing the engine oil for service?
Will it affect my vehicle's engine if I switch from Fully Synthetic Oil to Mineral Oil or vice versa?
What are the benefits of using Fully Synthetic Oil?
Where can I obtain the price of the engine oils?
When is it recommended to perform tyres alignment, rotation and balancing?
I would like to know what parts will be replaced at each service interval and what is the price for each item?


What is the "Appointment System"?
How do I make an Appointment?
Does this mean that my car will be immediately sent in for service / repair?
When should I make the appointment?
What happens if I am late?
What if I can't make it to the Appointment?
Can I walk in without an appointment?


When my vehicle's alarm triggers, what do I need to do to deactivate the alarm?
I need the radio code for the radio to function. Where do I find it?
I have lost my vehicle's key. Where can I get the replacement key?
Why can't the dealer just replace the brake disc instead of skimming?


My vehicle is involved in an accident, what should I do?
My vehicle can't start and all the indicator lights are on, what should I do?
My vehicle is overheating and smoke is emitting from the engine. What should I do?


Does a new Honda car come with accessories?
What is the accessories line-up offered by Honda Malaysia?
How do I find out more about the products?
What is the benefit of installing Honda Genuine / Authorised Accessories?
Can I install accessories other from what is being offered by Honda?
How do I purchase Genuine / Authorised accessories?
Can the accessories payment be factored together with car loans?
How do I find out on stock availability?
What is the window tint product offered under Honda MALAYSIA?
What is the benefit of Honda Authorised Window Tint Film (HAWTF)?
Can the warranty for HAWTF be transferred to the next owner?


Why are Honda Genuine Parts usually higher-priced than non-genuine ones?
What is the advantage of using Honda Genuine Parts?
Do Honda Genuine Parts come with warranty?
Is there a way to tell if the part is genuine or non-genuine?
How will I know if a particular spare part needs changing?
Can I buy a specific spare part and install it myself?
Where can I purchase Honda Genuine Parts?
Can I purchase the spare parts directly from Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd?
Can I purchase the spare parts from an outside distributor?
I'm driving an old Honda model. Does Honda Authorised Dealer carry parts for older models?


What is the warranty period for Honda vehicles?
What are the items covered under warranty?
What is the warranty coverage for the 12V battery?
What is the warranty coverage for the IMA battery?
What is the warranty period for the replacement Spare Parts on my vehicle?
Will my warranty be void if I service my vehicle at a non-authorised dealer?
Do I have to send my vehicle for repairs under warranty at the dealership where it was originally purchased?
Can I modify my vehicle without affecting its warranty coverage?
Is the warranty coverage transferable between owners?
I have lost my Warranty and Service Booklet manual. Where can I get a new one?


What is a Hybrid vehicle?
How does the Honda Hybrid work?
What are the benefits of Honda Hybrid?
Where do I find a power plug or station to charge the electric motor?
Which Hybrid models are entitled for the 8 years warranty extension?
Is it expensive to maintain a Honda Hybrid?
Is there any additional maintenance procedure for a Honda Hybrid? Does it take a longer time to service?
Do I have to travel to a specialised service centre to service my Honda Hybrid?


Why did Honda Malaysia extend the Hybrid battery warranty?
May I know how long will the Hybrid battery last?
How much does the Hybrid battery replacement cost?
Will my Hybrid battery warranty be void if I skip my vehicle’s service maintenance?
Do I still need to service at Honda Authorised Dealer in order to be entitled for the 8-year Hybrid battery warranty if my vehicle’s warranty period has ended?
How to manually charge the Hybrid battery?
Can I refuel from a different brand of petrol or do I have to stick to the same brand of petrol?

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