Feb 1st , 2010

Honda Malaysia calls for product update for 2nd Gen City (2008) and 1st Gen Jazz (2003)

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Current selling models are not affected

Petaling Jaya, 1 February 2010 - Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Honda Malaysia or the Company) shed lights on the recent product recall of 2nd Generation City 2008 Year Model (YM) and 1st Generation Jazz 1.4-litre 2003 YM due to possible failure of its power window master switch, which under extreme water sippage, could cause short-circuit.


As of today, there were no faulty cases reported in Malaysia.
There are a total of 12,935 units of 2nd Generation City 2008 YM with 7,713 units of V-TEC and 5,222 units of i-DSI respectively. As for 1st Generation Jazz, there are 3,090 units of 1.4-litre Japan made 2003 YM. Honda Malaysia will now call for Product Update for these models.

Honda Malaysia explained that when the power window master switch is exposed to excessive amount of water (such as rainwater), especially when windows are left open for prolonged period of time, electrolyte materials from rainwater would sip into the power window switch unit. This would decrease the insulation resistance between the electric circuits, which could lead to current leaks. In severe cases, the switchboard would melt or burn.

"We will be writing to all our customers directly and inform them of the preemptive measures to address this situation. We are in the midst of preparing the replacement parts and we will then carry out the necessary inspection and replacement when the parts are ready. All charges incurred in the inspection and replacement work will be borne by the Company," said Toru Takahashi, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia.

"We would like to assure our customers that all current selling models are not affected," added Mr. Takahashi.  

There were a total of 3 burn cases reported so far, 2 in the US and 1 in South Africa. However, there was no confirmation that the fatality reported in South Africa was caused by the malfunctioned parts. The recall was subsequently announced in US, UK, Canada, South Africa and Ireland.


For more information, please call Honda Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020, or visit any authorised Honda dealer.

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