Aug 14th , 2008

Honda's Drive for Cleaner Environment Takes to the Drop

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Kuala Lumpur, 14 August 2008 - Honda Malaysia today kicked off the Drive Every Drop Campaign which is aimed at building awareness in how Honda is making every drop of fuel count with the highly advanced i-VTEC engine.

Guided by the Honda dream of creating a better environment, Honda is making it come true, drop by drop. In developing their engine, Honda's engineers were challenged to make every drop of fuel count during combustion process. That led to the birth of the CVCC and then the advanced i-VTEC engine, which is featured in this campaign.

The i-VTEC engine is the result of years of research and experimentation, following the dream of developing an engine that consumed less while keeping the power that Honda engines are known for. It is an intelligent VTEC system that switches the valve timing for maximum efficiency during startup and acceleration to achieve powerful performance, then delays intake valve closure timing during cruising and other low-load conditions for improved fuel economy.

This means that Honda's i-VTEC engine gets the most out of every drop of fuel, by delivering Honda's joy of driving with the lowest fuel consumption.

Part of a regional effort across Asia Oceania, the Drive Every Drop campaign delivers Honda's conviction of realizing high levels of fuel economy without compromising the joy of driving. Drive Every Drop is about thinking in drops of fuel instead of in litres or tankfuls. The efficiency of the i-VTEC engine allows each drop of fuel to go further, which then translates into less wastage, less pollution and ultimately, a cleaner environment.

This Drive Every Drop campaign features a road trip to three countries; India, Malaysia and Australia. Driven by Allan Wu of The Amazing Race Asia fame, the campaign takes the i-VTEC on a road trip fuelled by the drops accumulated by visitors to the website, Visitors to the website earn drops of fuel when they explore the contents. They can then donate their drops and fuel the journey by choosing the route for the drivers.

Honda Malaysia Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Atsushi Fujimoto said, "The Drive Every Drop campaign is about Honda's dream of reducing emissions towards a cleaner environment for our future generations. In Malaysia, Honda will be running a series of communications to raise awareness and educate Malaysians on how the Honda technology is able to make every drop of fuel count. Ultimately, through advanced technologies like the i-VTEC engine, Honda hopes to create a cleaner future."

Visit today and find out how each drop of fuel from the i-VTEC engine can take you further!

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