Aug 8th , 2009

HMRT Rose to The Challenge at MME 2009!

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Winning or losing - this is not all that matters when it comes to racing in the 12-hr Merdeka Millennium Endurance (MME) race for Honda Malaysia Racing Team (HMRT). What truly matters is stepping up to the plate and rising to the challenge when the situation calls for it. It is the philosophy of constantly improving themselves and learning from past mistakes that made the HMRT achieve a podium finish in this year's race, with 2nd position in Class A2 and 8th for the Overall Title. This was a great improvement compared to last year's 6th & 10th place finish for the HMRT.

Although the drivers played a big part in achieving the podium finish, it was the team supporting the drivers that were truly the unsung heroes of the race. Comprised of fully local talents, these Honda associates practiced long and hard to perfect their strategies and techniques, and the team worked well together.

Driver Eddie Lew, when met said, "I am happy with our performance in the race. This win is a result of the long hours, hard work and detailed preparations made by the whole HMRT. I believe I speak on behalf of Rueben and Aaron when I say that it is truly a team effort and we couldn't have done it without everyone."

As this is an endurance race, what really mattered in this race wasn't just speed but also the durability of the finely tuned race machines and also the endurance and perseverance of the racers. HMRT managed to complete 275 laps with a total time of 12:01:17 (pit time record 42 seconds)

Although he was exhausted, driver Rueben Wong was satisfied and even said, "We have a complete team, a great performance race car and also two experienced drivers, Aaron and Eddie. Throughout the preparations and during the race itself, I can see that the HMRT members are all ready to fight for the title. All of them knew what to do in the pit and the communication amongst the team members was excellent."

Another driver, Aaron Lim added, "It is the teamwork from HMRT that enabled us to rise to our challenge together this year and gained 2nd place in the Class A2. Although we didn't win the title, this was a huge step forward from last year and we will continue to challenge ourselves further to overcome all obstacles. The teamwork and support of the HMRT members were what made this possible."

Commenting on the team's achievement, Mr. Toru Takahashi, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia said, "Congratulations to each and every member of Honda Malaysia Racing Team and all the drivers! The team has improved greatly and worked hard throughout the year to rectify the minor errors made in last year's race. Their dedication and hard work has paid off. I hope the team can bring this spirit of excellence and overcoming challenges into their daily tasks at Honda Malaysia."

The HMRT has managed to show their racing DNA and that is to improve themselves, learn from past mistakes and continue to compete at the highest level of motor sports regardless of how tough it may be to reach that summit of victory. Passion is the fuel for HMRT towards overcoming all obstacles and their motivation to continue working hard to improve themselves for the next race.

Congratulations and salutations once again to the HMRT 2009! Your teamwork and passion is truly inspirational and let's continue to Rise To The Challenge!

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