Oct 31st , 2014

Returning Champion Honda Malaysia Racing Team (HMRT) Unveils New Race Machines For The 2014 Sepang 1000KM Race

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Petaling Jaya, 31 October 2014 – Returning champion for the Sepang 1000KM (S1K) endurance race, Honda Malaysia Racing Team (HMRT) today unveiled its two new race machines, the All-New Jazz and for the first time the City for the upcoming S1K Race in December. Both models were introduced into the Malaysian market this year.

HMRT has taken a step further to test their Challenging Spirit with the introduction of these new race machines after completing the race last year in 1st spot and 9th place respectively using two 2nd Generation Jazz last year. The All-New Jazz will be known as Car 26 and the City as Car 27.

Commenting about the two new race machines, HMRT Team Director Mr. Akkbar Danial said, “The team has been working hard on both cars since March.  We decided to race with the City for the first time this year as it meets the requirement of being in the 1600cc Class. It also shares the same platform with the All-New Jazz which fits to be a race car if adequate changes were done to the suspension especially.”

The All-New Jazz and the City has a good platform of well-designed and balanced chassis which allows the team to build the race machines for better cornering and adaptability. A special ball joint to adjust the roll center and bump steer of the machine was designed by the team for better maneuverability. Besides that, the team has also removed the internal body parts of the car in order to make both the race machines lighter. Both the City and All-New Jazz now weigh 1030kg.

Mr. Akkbar also said that “The team has gained a lot of experience and technical know-how in the previous two races building the Jazz for the S1K race. I am confident that with our strong passion to challenge our limits, the team would be able to turn both the All-New Jazz and City into exceptional race machines come December.”

HMRT consists of 42 fully independent and local Honda associates who also hold full-time positions in Honda Malaysia. Each member of the team is highly committed towards the success in motorsports and strives to overcome any obstacle with the Challenging Spirit.

HMRT this year will see the line-up of returning drivers, Eddie Lew, Aaron Lim and Farriz Fauzy. All three drivers have a collective experience of over 10 years in racing and 2 years racing together for S1K. The fourth driver for HMRT will be announced soon.

“HMRT’s objective is to improve technical knowledge and skills of Honda associates through participation in the local motorsports scene. Honda Malaysia will continue its commitment to racing activities and contribute our resources and utmost support towards HMRT to strengthen the brand positioning in the local circuit and share its excitement with Malaysians.” added Mr. Akkbar.

Honda Malaysia Racing Team (HMRT) to test their Challenging Spirit with the All-New Jazz as Car 26
and for the first time, the City as Car 27.

All-New Jazz, as Car 26.

City, as Car 27.

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