Mar 20th , 2023

Honda Malaysia to Introduce 4 New Models in 2023

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Kuala Lumpur, 17 March 2023 - Honda Malaysia (or the Company) gears up to make 2023 an exciting year for the market with a plan to launch 3 All-New Models and 1 Facelift Model. With its strategic business direction for 2023, Honda Malaysia has set a sales target of 80,000 units with 12.3% market share.

One of the models that will be on Malaysian roads soon is Honda's first Small Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), which is slated to be launched in the third quarter of 2023. Upon its arrival, Honda Malaysia will become the first Japanese mass market manufacturer to enter the Small SUV segment. With a comprehensive package of vibrant and bold design, advanced technology, practicality, and comfort, the Small SUV is the perfect companion for young professionals and families who enjoy travel and outdoor activities.

Honda Malaysia President & Chief Operating Officer Mr. Sarly Adle Sarkum said, “2023 marks a great milestone for us as Honda celebrates its 75th anniversary. Continuing the Challenging Spirit that is ingrained in us since the Company's founding, Honda Malaysia strives to accelerate our momentum this year through new model launches and marketing activities. To further strengthen the core identity and brand presence in the industry, we focus on leveraging three key pillars for our models, which are Advanced Technology, Premium Offerings and Sporty Appeal. The combination of these three key pillars will make the upcoming Honda models even more unique in the market and elevate their status in their respective segments.

In addition, Honda Malaysia will further strengthen our hybrid technology in the Malaysian market. We were the pioneer in introducing hybrid technology in this country 19 years ago. The technology has evolved significantly since, starting with Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) to Sport Hybrid i-DCD, and now we have taken a step further with e:HEV technology.”

Mr. Sarly added, “Electrification is the global trend and future of mobility for the automotive industry. As such, Honda is also stepping up its electric vehicle (EV) development efforts progressively. Honda believes that the hybrid technology is the right approach at this point of time, particularly in Malaysia. We want to ensure Malaysians' needs are being fulfilled with the most practical and relevant technologies before fully adopting EVs.”

In line with efforts to improve customer experience, Honda Malaysia will introduce 2S (Service and Spare Parts) Pit Stop and promote its after-sales activities to fulfil the rising demand from current and potential customers.

The Company is also enhancing its Honda CONNECT system which includes Safety, Security and Convenience features. Honda Malaysia will introduce Honda CONNECT in other models in addition to the City RS, City Hatchback RS, Civic RS, Civic e:HEV RS and HR-V e:HEV RS to enable more customers to enjoy a variety of functions available on the system.

In addition, the HondaTouch platform will be upgraded to enhance the seamless experience for Honda customers by making it more convenient and accessible. This is part of Honda Malaysia's effort to step up Honda customers' digital journey and encourage more sustainable practices.

Fuelled by the “Challenging Spirit”, Honda Malaysia sold a total of 80,290 units last year, which was a 51% increase from the total sales in 2021. The total sales represented 11.1% of the Total Industry Volume (TIV) in 2022. The Company also retained its No.1 position in the Non‑National Passenger Vehicle Segment for the ninth consecutive year.

The Company expressed appreciation for Honda customers and the Malaysian Government for their unwavering support and trust in the Honda brand. Honda Malaysia emphasises that it is doing its best to fulfil all the bookings and ensure timely delivery for the new models despite the global semiconductor shortage. At the same time, the Company will continue to push the boundaries and introduce new technology that enhance mobility to improve people's lives and build a better society.

Honda Malaysia President and Chief Operating Officer Mr. Sarly Adle Sarkum announces four new Honda models set to be launched in Malaysia during the Media Gathering 2023.

Honda Malaysia Management at the Media Gathering 2023. From left to right,
Mr. Yujiro Sugino, Honda Malaysia Executive Coordinator
Ms. Sunita Prabhakaran, Honda Malaysia Vice President of Sales & Dealer Development Divisions
Mr. Sarly Adle Sarkum, Honda Malaysia President & Chief Operating Officer

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