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Genuine Oil Filter

Honda Genuine Oil Filter

A clean running engine comes from clean engine oil. This is made possible with Honda Genuine Oil Filter exclusively for Honda engines. It is individually structured with superior filtration efficiency, providing the ability to filter the engine oil to the micron level and reducing the deterioration of the engine oil ensuring durability of your Honda engine.
Honda Genuine “Irregular Fold” oil filter
Compared to the right diagram’s standard chrysanthemum fold, Honda Genuine Oil Filter has 1.5 times more filtering surface
Other commercial type
Standard ”chrysanthemum fold” oil filter

Advantages of Honda Genuine Oil Filter

Filtering efficiency and durability can differ with the type of filter [fold] structure. To increase filtering efficiency, a bigger filter area using individual snapping for advance filtration, resulting the trapped dirt inside to raise.

Functions of Honda Genuine Oil Filter

The friction inside the engine creates unwanted substances like metal powders, sludge and carbon fouling which will be blended together with the engine oil.

The Honda Genuine Oil Filter will allow circulation of clean engine oil by filtering off all the above unwanted substances.
With excellent anti-corrosive coating.

Relieve Valve
Ensures good oil circulation and by adjusting correct oil amount when engine starting is at extremely low temperature, or even when element is clogged.

Uses high performance element. Effectively catches minute particles like dust and carbon particles.

Drain-Bag Valve
Uses high heat resistance silicon rubber. Prevents oil flow reversal after engine is off, and allows early oil circulation when engine is just switched on.

Seal Plate
With stringent measurement control, tightening interference of packing ensures no concern of loosening.

Uses gasket of excellent heat and oil resistance, and is durable against low temperature.

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