Honda Authorised Service Centres are equipped with the tools, expertise and parts that are tailored for every Honda, so that you get the quality and excellence you deserve. Experience the joy of driving for years to come with these 12 specially designed benefits.
  • Preventive Maintenance Service Schedule
    Regular comprehensive service helps to maintain your car as if it’s brand new
  • Free Labour Service
    Enjoy cost savings at alternate service intervals
  • Minimum 15% Parts Discount
    Genuine Honda parts at wallet-friendly prices helps to reduce maintenance costs
  • Skilled Technicians
    Specialised training for Honda technicians guarantees quality service
  • Bulk Oil System
    Reduces wastage and ensures you only pay for the oil you need
  • Honda Insurance Plus
    Comprehensive coverage for the best care
  • 10,000km Service Interval
    Longer intervals between service helps to save your time and money
  • 5-Year Warranty With Unlimited Mileage
    For peace of mind
  • Genuine Parts
    Extend the life of your car with quality parts which are available without having to wait for days
  • Special Tools
    DST-i ensures accurate vehicle diagnostics
  • Quality Fuel Strainer And Pollen Filter
    A longer lifespan for these parts gives greater value for money
  • Customer Comfort
    Comfortable lounges, complimentary F&B, Wi-Fi and kids’ corners are in all Service Centres


Promote better fuel-efficiency and lower CO2 emissions

Ensure effectiveness of engine oil with regular replacement
(this also ensures better fuel-efficiency)

Prevent fluid leakage

Ensure brake safety as brakes will be checked and adjusted accordingly

Avoid unnecessary wear and tear with lubrication of moving parts

Improve lifespan of tyres with regular checking, rotation and inflation of proper tyre pressure

For better visibility, lights must be frequently checked and adjusted

Ensure smooth driving with regular checking of steering and suspension components

Prevent engine component damage of failure

It enhances the resale value of your vehicle


The key to Honda's commitment to your satisfaction is the Standard Service Transaction, an operations manual that entails every step to serve you better and provide your car with the best care, from the moment you book an appointment until your next visit to us.

We keep track of every customer's record with an extensive database.

Our Service Advisors will attend to you, run diagnostics & advise on the next course of action.

Every servicing is bound to strict quality standards and requires a senior technician's seal of approval.

For a pristine condition, we also protect your steering wheel, fender and seats from possible dents and scratches.

We ensure that you understand the repairs and servicing made.

We always appreciate your feedback to guarantee our service standards.

While you're waiting for your car, relax in the customer area, equipped with satellite TV & free refreshments.


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