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Recommended BATTERIES

Honda Recommended Batteries

Recommended batteries have been designed and meticulously engineered with substantial input and consultation from us. Equip your vehicle with a recommended battery and enjoy the ride of your life.

Advantages of Honda Recommended Batteries

01 High-powered
The Recommended battery is designed to produce an optimum Honda-quality performance for your vehicle.

i. Offers 12V of electric power
ii. Provides electricity as it is the car's source of electric energy
iii. Powers the air-conditioning system, lights, audio system and engine kickstarts
iv. Highly-compatible with i-VTEC engines
v. 1 Year Warranty
02 Long-lasting
Innovatively engineered with lightweight, stronger grids for a longer service life, and better value for your Honda.
03 Maintenance-free
Battery water top-up is not required for Recommended batteries. You’ll never have to worry about running low on battery water ever again.

The Burst Prevention Vent Plug protects the battery from rupturing caused by external spark stimulation.

A special Water Vapour Pressure Control Sticker keeps the battery water from vapouring.

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