What is the service interval for Honda vehicle?
Can I send my vehicle for service / repair at different dealers?
Can I claim my Free Service if I fail to service my vehicle on time?
Do I have any options of choosing the engine oil for service?
Will it affect my vehicle's engine if I switch from Fully Synthetic Oil to Mineral Oil or vice versa?
What are the benefits of using Fully Synthetic Oil?
Where can I obtain the price of the engine oils?
When is it recommended to perform tyres alignment, rotation and balancing?
I would like to know what parts will be replaced at each service interval and what is the price for each item?


What is the "Appointment System"?
How do I make an Appointment?
Does this mean that my car will be immediately sent in for service / repair?
When should I make the appointment?
What happens if I am late?
What if I can't make it for the Appointment?
Can I walk in without an appointment?

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