• Foot Light

    Illuminated front floor with ambience lighting.

    RM 500.00
  • Sun Shade

    Designed fit to window frame, sun shade provide extra privacy to passengers.​

    RM 360.00
  • Rear Panel Lining Cover

    Stylish addition to protect the interior trim from scratches.

    RM 250.00
  • Side Step Illumination

    Stylish illuminated door sills for visibility and protection.

    RM 740.00
  • Cargo Tray

    Close-fitting to keep dirt, debris and spill off your boot floor

    RM 220.00
  • Trunk Organiser

    Store and transport your goods easily with a collapsible and multipurpose 3-compartment organiser.

    RM 92.00
  • Reflective Film

    Door panels with built-in reflective films for extra visibility and safety for other road users.

    RM 197.00
  • Honda Recommended Digital Video Recorder - Front & Rear DVR

    Record videos of any on-road situation that could be useful for future use.

    RM 1,149.00

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