• Digital Video Recorder

    Capture videos of your journey for safety and emergency purposes.

    RM 749.00
  • Foot Light

    Ambience lighting that illuminates the front floor.

    RM 700.00
  • Cargo Tray

    Perfectly fits and keeps dirt, spills and debris off your boot floor.

    RM 296.00
  • Illuminated Side Step

    Illuminated door sills for style, visibility and protection.

    RM 838.00
  • Trunk Organiser

    Multipurpose 3-compartment, collapsible folding organiser.

    RM 92.00
  • Sun Shade

    Designed to fit window frames, our sun shade provides extra privacy to passengers.

    RM 458.00
  • Reflective Film

    Integrated reflective films on door panels for added safety and visibility.

    RM 197.00

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